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“A to Z of Personal Branding” – A Transformative Book by Author Nandita Pandey Launched in Chennai

Chennai, November 13, 2023 – The grand launch of “A to Z of Personal Branding,” a book authored by the insightful and accomplished Nandita Pandey.

The book launch was graced by esteemed Guests of Honour, including Mr. Jogendra Singh, President & Group CFO of Hero Enterprise, and P C Balasubramanian, Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker. The event brought together luminaries from the corporate world, entrepreneurs, and avid readers eager to explore the intricacies of personal branding.

Nandita Pandey, an experienced professional with 23 years of diverse experience, unveiled her journey from being a corporate employee to a successful entrepreneur. “A to Z” is a culmination of her extensive research and experiences in the field of personal branding. It was conceived from the need to address the myths surrounding personal branding, which often conflates it with mere self-promotion and social media marketing.

In the book, Nandita shares her insights from a six-year exploration of branding, self-help, and leadership. She has delved into the personal branding domain, not just by studying books but by also interviewing over 65 eminent

individuals across various domains, artists, actors, and entrepreneurs, through her online talk show, “Brandify Take 1” and a Hindi Podcast on Personal Branding – “Brandify.”

 Nandita’s narrative likens the personal brand to a well-aged wine, where patience, precision, and adaptation are key.

One of the myths Nandita debunks is the belief that personal branding is solely about self-promotion. It’s far more than that; it is rooted in authenticity, trust, value creation, nurturing relationships, and adapting to change. “A to Z” highlights showcasing strengths, vulnerabilities, and unique qualities.

Nandita emphasizes that personal branding is not restricted to celebrities or high-profile individuals; it is pertinent to individuals from all walks of life, from students to professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists. It is about creating a distinct identity, not a flawless facade.

Additionally, the book highlights that personal branding is not a solo endeavor but a collaborative journey that involves networking and seeking mentorship. It emphasizes sustainable, long-lasting change and the importance of embracing one’s authentic self.

“A to Z of Personal Branding” caters to aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, creative artists, job seekers, and anyone seeking to unlock the power of their personal brand. It offers practical strategies and insights, guiding readers through a transformative journey of self-discovery, strategic planning, and purposeful action.

As Nandita concludes, “Your personal brand is your secret weapon to career advancement, entrepreneurial success, or making an enduring impact.” She encourages her readers to keep an open mind, apply the concepts, and adapt, rather than dismiss them prematurely.

“A to Z of Personal Branding” is now available for purchase, offering readers an opportunity to transform their lives and careers through the art and science of personal branding.


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