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Centre for Collaborative Medicine introduces popular ideas for improved ‘Gut-Health’

The Centre for Collaborative Medicine (CCM), a multi-disciplinary Wellness Centre located inside the famous Olde Bangalore Resort, introduces its very own hand-crafted Kombucha (a fermented beverage with sweetened tea, fruit and naturally produced probiotics).

Ayurveda has always maintained that health starts in the ‘gut’, sometimes mistaken for only the ‘stomach’. ‘Gut’ is the entire gastrointestinal tract, of which the stomach is just a part. In order to improve gut health, we need to maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria. That’s where probiotics come in. Anything that is fermented in a natural way has health-improving probiotics – curds, vinegar, kefir, and the beverage that is taking the world by storm – Kombucha – the royal fermented tea!

Kombucha is a fermented wonder, prepared using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Authentic Kombuchas are unpasteurized – hence, in order to make the best version of the beverage, CCM ferments its own, in-house. The expert CCM team ferments sweet tea and transforms it into a powerhouse of probiotic reserves using the finest full-leaf teas, natural ingredients, and home-grown SCOBY. One can experience the Kombucha as it is supposed to be only at CCM, located inside the Olde Bangalore Resort, North Bangalore’s most admired biosphere.

Not only is Kombucha a great way to improve gut-health and boost immunity but is fast catching on as a stylish social replacement for alcohol. The restaurants at Olde Bangalore curate the drinks as prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctors at the CCM. You could even take a few bottles home to create a wonderful new healthy habit. Unpasteurized Kombucha is a great way to improve gut health not only while you recuperate and heal but also when you entertain. For more details, please contact (9731201840)


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