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Four Tips to Make Women Independence a Reality

India has recently celebrated 76th Independence day – Are women in our country really independent or is it still a dream? There are several steps women can take to make their Independence a reality. Here are four tips to become stronger, independent women and “LEAP” forward.

Dr. Rammyaa M, Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Dr. Shameem.S, Associate Professor, Organisational Behavior and Human Resource Management at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

Love yourself:

Place yourself first; caring for yourself is not selfish. You can care for others in a better way when you take good care of yourself. Accept who you are. Recognize and accept your feelings. Love yourself. It requires embracing your shortcomings, inadequacies, and other aspects of yours. It’s okay to make mistakes inadvertently while making sure you learn from it. Don’t make the same mistake twice.
Self-love will enable you to forgive yourself for the mistakes that took place. Be kind to yourself when you are upset. One can always develop the ability to cherish and love oneself. The ability to reflect on your acts with love, understanding, and support will not only liberate you but will empower you.


Ask yourself why becoming independent is important to you. Envisioning your purpose will enable you to find the enthusiasm to start an active routine. If you’re not aware of what motivates you, spend time with yourself for a month and observe what fascinates and keeps you engaged. It wasn’t solely about the things you have. It may be an activity. Begin by reflecting on yourself. This enables you to understand your requirements, strengths, flaws, etc. Once you’ve identified your objectives, creating a consistent action plan will help you maintain your enthusiasm flowing. It creates the drive required to progress on the desired path. With enthusiasm, you will be able to achieve anything and everything.


Taking responsibility for what you do and also being prepared to face the consequences of your thoughts, choices, and actions will earn respect and liberate you. Why are you still struggling for independence? Do think and reflect. You may come up with a multitude of explanations for why you lack independence. However, in actuality, there is only one person who can be an obstacle to your liberation. That is “you”. Don’t worry about the obstacles, turn it on the way. Being self-reliant in your ability to manage your life may be incredibly empowering. Remember no one can liberate or raise yourself except you.


Dedicate 45 minutes weekly and plan for the following week’s activities – child care, office work, household chores, cooking etc. Make sure you include self-care in your daily routine. This consists of both physical and mental health. Include small halts like travel, watching a movie, spending time with friends, cooking your favorite food, reading your favorite book, etc. in between your routines. The right amount of exercise, diet, and sleep, along with your favorite activities will help you stay happy all the time and will keep your mind and physique healthy.

So dear women, this article is a reminder to prioritize yourself and get what you want and LEAP forward.


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