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Portronics Launches ‘My Buddy K6’ Portable Metallic Laptop Stand with 360° Degree Rotating Base

New Delhi, March 14, 2023: The time when every household and workplace had a desktop PC is long
gone. Due to its small size and portability, the laptop is now the finest computer for both personal
and professional use. Yet, the practical laptop has its own operational difficulties, including poor
ergonomics and cooling problems. To solve these consumer woes, one of India’s fastest-growing
portable electronics brands, Portronics adds My Buddy K6 to its current line-up of Portable Laptop
Stands. The K6’s key selling points are its highly ergonomic shape, 360° Degree rotating base,
Different adjustable angles, and solid metal construction.

If you use a laptop for work, whether at the workplace or at home, the Portronics My Buddy K6 is a
fantastic and essential companion. With its substantial air vents on the bottom, this laptop stand
made entirely of aluminium alloy is intended to keep your laptop cool while letting you position it at
different heights and angles for an ergonomic working position. Almost all modern laptops (and
tablets) up to 15.6 inches are supported with the My Buddy K6.

Other than the angle and height you need to put on your desk, My Buddy K6 is totally adjustable to
fit your laptop’s size and weight of up to 10 Kg. Moreover, the laptop stand has a 360° rotatable
design, allowing you to easily turn the laptop at your convenience, making it easier to collaborate
resulting in increased work productivity. The ergonomic angle assists you in maintaining good
posture while working at your desk, protecting your neck and back from stress. Last but not least,
the laptop stand has silicone anti-slip cushions that hold your laptop and the table to keep it from

Pricing and Availability:
The all new Portronics My Buddy K6 Portable Metallic Laptop Stand is available in the market at a
discounted price of INR 2,399 (MRP INR 3,999), backed with a 12 months warranty. Users can buy
this product from the company’s official website Portronics.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com and other
leading online and offline stores.


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