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Vignan Online hosts a webinar to discuss the impact of Data Science and Analytics on Business Management

Guntur, 20th July 2022: Vignan Online, the Online arm of the Vignan Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed-to-be-University), organized a webinar titled Data Science & Analytics – The future of business management. The webinar was held last week. Mr. Prakash Bade, Associate Director-CRISIL Irevna UK Limited addressed this webinar.

The webinar included detailed discussions on topics like Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Generation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mathematics Modeling, Domain expertise, Domain Limitation for Machine Learning and Data Analytics, etc. along with practical guidance on how to use them for big business growth.  In addition, the speaker introduced the necessary upskilling tools for Data Analysts and Data Scientists, including Python, SAS, SQL, Hive, Pig, MATLAB, Cassandra, Apache, etc. Mr. Bade also shared insights on the role of Analytics in the Customer Life Cycle, prerequisites for Data Scientists, and the roles of Data Science, Social Media, and E-Commerce. He also explained how text, audio, and video data can help in the sentimental analysis and revenue prediction for businesses.

Mr. Prakash Bade, Associate Director-CRISIL Irevna UK Limited commented, “The data storage is going to become a major concern in the coming years, allowing data science to play a significant role in transforming our lives. This sector requires the participation of the new-age learners, as data is one of the main engines that drive any economy or organization. The use of data science and analytics can make businesses more competitive and agile. People who are going to the management side, need to know that management is not traditional management anymore. It’s all about numbers and data and here, data science and data analytics come into the picture. I am hopeful that the participants and career aspirants must have gathered necessary information and knowledge about Data Science & Analytics”

Following the discussion, Prakash Bade led a Q&A session with learners, experts, and professionals in the field. Data Science and Analytics in Demand and Supply Management, salary insights in the Data Science sector, engineering professionals becoming Data scientists, and other questions were asked during the Q&A session.

The Data Science and Analytics sector has experienced a boom in the new era, and it has emerged as a valuable career option. In 2020, the global market for data science platforms was valued at USD 4.89 billion, which is expected to increase to USD 25.49 billion by 2027, representing a 26.90% growth rate. It is obvious from this figure that learners or professionals have a huge demand for this sector.


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