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75 Portraits of Shri Narendra Modi Unveiled in Unique Tribute

New Delhi/Bengaluru, 12th Jan ‘24 – In an extraordinary artistic endeavor, Dr. Avinash Kate, Dean of Shantamani Kala Kendra at Jain University, has created 75 emotion-filled portraits of Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’bl Prime Minister of India to celebrate the progressive leader and representative of the New India. These diverse portraits, reflecting the facets of Shri Modiji’s work, emotions and devotion for ‘Bharat Mata’, have been meticulously crafted on canvas using acrylic colors. A compilation of these portraits and a brief of Modi’s journey as the Primie Minister of India was also launched during the exhibition.

This unparalleled artistic feat is the first of its kind globally, with no other artist having created such an extensive series of portraits of a single individual in various forms. This achievement brought him global recognition as well as various records in international forums. Dr. Avinash Kate dedicated three months of tireless effort, working day and night, in what he describes as a meditative process. The project was indirectly guided by Vedamurthy, taponishtya Pandit Shriram Sharma, Acharya founder of Gayatri Pariwar, adding a spiritual dimension to the creation of these soulful portraits.

Talking about this special exhibition, Dr. Avinash Kate, Dean of Shantamani Kala Kendra at Jain University said, “The inspiring leadership and unwavering commitment of our esteemed Prime Minister have been a constant source of motivation for me. This collection serves as a depiction of his emotional journey, portraying him as a true ambassador of hope.” He further added, “I would like to express my gratitude to my mentors, Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Chancellor of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) and Dr. Gani Rajendra Vijay Maharaj, Founder of Sukhi Foundation Parivar and a tribal Jain saint, as well as my family for their steadfast support throughout the execution of this unique project.”

Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Chancellor, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) said, “The collection provides a unique glimpse into Dr. Kate’s inner imagination, capturing the essence of Shri Modi’s emotions, whose leadership has not only shaped the present but is paving the way for a future where India stands tall on the global stage.”

Prominent figures directly involved in the project include Sachin Sawant (Maharashtra Police, API), Dr. Chainraj Roychand (Chairman of Jain University), Shri Vishal C. (Director, Strategy and Development, JGI), and Dr. Gani Rajendra Vijay Maharaj (Founder of Sukhi Foundation Parivar, tribal Jain saint), among others. Additionally, the support and collaboration of several esteemed individuals have been instrumental in the realisation of this artistic endeavor.

The collection stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and artistic vision of Dr. Avinash Kate, resonating with the spirit of unity, love for the nation, and a belief in India’s promising future on the global stage. The team has approached the PM office to display the same. The exhibition was held at the Constitution Club, New Delhi and was visited by a huge number of art enthusiasts.

For his commitment, dedication, and love towards society in the field of art, Mr. Kate has been acknowledged with many prestigious awards, honors, and records. Among them are world records, international records, Asia records, India records, the Limca Book of Records, etc.


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