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Limelight Diamonds: Promising a Sustainable Future on this Earth Day

Limelight Diamonds is a leading and exclusive CVD (carbon vapour deposition) diamond jewellery brand that has responsibly demonstrated its sustainability practices for a better future. Their business pledges and emphasises about ensuring consumers being able to enjoy the beauty of a diamond but not at the cost of people or planet in honour of Earth Day.

On this Earth Day, as the concern over damage due to extraction of diamonds through the mining process is rising, Limelight Diamonds continues to progress with the idea of eco-friendly diamonds, which are created in labs and are superior to diamonds that are mined. With the latest technological advancement and to protect the environment, Limelight Diamonds creates stunning, exquiste, and planet-friendly diamond studded jewellery.

CVD diamonds, which are created with cutting-edge technology in a controlled laboratory environment, Limelight Diamonds produces the purest CVD diamonds – Type IIA, much better in terms of quality, purity, and feasibility. Also owing to their manufacturing technique, they are free from any ecological or social damage.

“Today in the world we consume 111 million carats of mined diamonds. One can imagine the kind of environmental damage that goes behind digging, mining and consuming this piece of rock. At the end of the day, it simply enhances a woman’s beauty and confidence. But then why should that come at the cost of hurting the planet or the people? Is that the way, the woman of today wants to feel beautiful? says, Mrs. Pooja Sheth Madhavan, MD and Founder of Limelight Diamonds.

She further added, “When technology now enables us to get the exact same diamond, with no compromise in the quality and save the planet? our CVD lab grown diamonds are a shining example. By choosing eco-friendly practices and using lab-grown diamonds, we’re helping to reduce our impact on the environment. As we always say at Limelight, diamonds are very special for us, now, we have the power to preserve its legacy yet protect our planet and progress towards a brighter future for all.”

Limelight Diamonds was recently awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, a UK based accreditation body. This mark is a globally respected trust mark of the independently verified evidence that Limelight Diamonds meets the highest standards of sustainability best practices across ESG+ i.e. Environment, Social, Governance and Innovation. Limelight Diamonds are dedicated to renewable energy in all facets of operations for enabling a greener tomorrow.

As an Indian company, Limelight Diamonds takes pride in the fact that its CVD lab grown diamonds are completely grown in India. This guarantees a trustworthy source for diamonds that are produced ethically, aesthetically, and with complete transparency across the supply chain. The business is committed to keeping up its innovative pace and paving the way for a healthier future.


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