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Protests Held at Jantar Mantar against the Murder of Uttarakhand’s Daughter Ankita Bhandari and the Irresponsible Actions of the Uttarakhand Government

New Delhi, 09 October 2022 – Under the Uttarakhand Bachao Andolan, intellectuals and social workers of Uttarakhand today staged a sit-in dharna at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Social worker Shri Jagdish Bhatt headed the dharna which saw participation of the intellectuals and social workers of Uttarakhand who spoke on the present situation of Uttarakhand. At the dharna, slogans were raised against the murder of daughter of Uttarakhand Ankita Bhandari and inaction of Uttarakhand government in bringing the culprits to books.

Addressing the crowd, Shri Jagdish Bhatt said that it is condemnable that one of our daughters is murdered and instead of punishing the culprits, the government is wasting time on ordering an inquiry. He added that there are numerous scams inside Uttarakhand which are revolving around the leaders and ministers but the government does not pay heed to these matters. He said that all of us together can give a new option to Uttarakhand and this will be the first option where the people of Uttarakhand along with socio-political organizations will build a new Uttarakhand under the Jan Andolan. This will lead us on the path of a safer, better and prosperous Uttarakhand.

Shri Jagdish Bhatt said that it is a matter of great sadness for the great Veer Bhoomi – Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand that today we have to demand justice from Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for our daughter. Today, a son of Uttarakhand like me is worried about the safety of his mother, daughter, and sister. The Ankita Bhandari murder case of Uttarakhand has shaken the mind, and soul of the people of Uttarakhand. Today, in order to provide justice to the people of our state, we make some demands related to the Ankita Bhandari murder case, which is as follows.

1 – Ankita’s post-mortem report should be made public

2 – Reveal the name of the VIP who came to the resort and was pressurizing Ankita Bhandari to   

     indulge in immoral acts and for not doing so, Ankita was murdered.

3 – A member of Ankita’s family should be given a government job.

4 – The investigation of the Ankita murder case should be done by the CBI.

5 – If the present government is unable to disclose the above facts promptly, then such  

     Government should be dismissed.

Shri Jagdish Bhatt thanked all the people who are supporting the Uttarakhand Bachao Andolan and requested people of Uttarakhand who are living in Delhi to support this movement wholeheartedly and attend it in maximum number. “Everyone, take out your little time and join this movement and give your support in building a progressive Uttarakhand ”, he urged.

Shri Vijay Doval, Jagdish Singh Bora (Advocate), Dr. Tilomani Bhatt ji, Deep Pandey, Ravindra Singh Rawat, Jagdish Bhatt, Tara Datt Bhatt, Ramesh Sharma, Onkar Kohli, Kamal Dhyani , Umesh Mathpal, Mahesh Pant, Rajan Pandey, Kaushal Pandey, Pushpa Bhatt, Deepa Bhatt, Rajeev Mishra, Anoop Chauhan, Kamaml Kant Chhimwal, Leeladhar Pandey, Himanshu Bhakuni, Pooja Pandey, Uma Sharma, Pankaj Singh, Rajender Singh Rawat, Partap Singh Rawat and Bhagwan Singh ji were also present in the dharna.


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