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Rizzle Trends Go Viral on Reels and YouTube

Rizzle Tracks and Templates create Reels Trends

300K+ Rizzle videos organically shared on Reels and YouTube

Rizzle Trends continue to gain traction 

It is extremely rare for apps to achieve organic and repeated virality at scale with so many platforms available today. But that is exactly what is happening with Rizzle, the Indian short video platform that is far ahead of the competition in terms of product and technology.

Multiple Rizzle trends have taken Reels by storm in recent weeks, resulting in trends on Reels as well. This has prompted YouTubers, big and small, to flood YouTube with tutorials on Rizzle and its templates.

With over 300k Rizzle videos shared organically on Reels and YouTube, Rizzle Original Music Aaradukayanu, Rizzle Photo Painting Template, and Rizzle Tutorials continue to grow in popularity among content creators and users of all ages. Rizzle’s Photo Painting Template has been used to create over 150k short videos with millions of views. Aaradukaynu, Rizzle’s Original Music, on the other hand, has seen over 40k videos created on the app and over 70k videos created on Reels.

Speaking on this accomplishment, Vidya Narayanan, Co-Founder and CEO, Rizzle, said, “At Rizzle, experiencing virality is what we live for. Virality is extremely difficult to achieve, especially in today’s world with so many platforms and so much content. Rizzle owes its virality to its outstanding music team, which creates viral tracks for short videos that are in sync with the company’s vision. We are grateful that so many people trust and believe in our vision of building great products and work hard to make this happen.”

Rizzle’s popularity is due to its emphasis on original and user-generated content, encompassing music, interesting features, and templates. In a short span, it has struck a chord with millions of users who continue to reap the benefits of the app, including growth, followers and easy-to-use tools. Rizzle’s consistent growth demonstrates its commitment to providing something new, relatable, and viral-worthy.

“While one-time virality may occur, repeated viral moments that bring sustained growth to a platform are extremely rare. And that’s exactly what we set out to accomplish with Rizzle. Today, Rizzle is on the path to becoming India’s top short video platform that drives Desi Trends,” she added.

Rizzle’s mission is to simplify content creation and provide templates to help people create videos while increasing user loyalty. Rizzle is poised to play a significant role in shaping the short video landscape, with original content ranging from different genres to short series.

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About Rizzle:

Founded in 2019 by Vidya Narayanan and Dondeti Lakshminath, Rizzle is the only short video platform where creating video content is as much fun and entertaining as sharing and watching. At Rizzle, the focus is on democratizing content creation and revolutionizing the short-video app segment, breaking the monotony of video-sharing apps and developing a creator-centric platform. Rizzle is committed to building a world-class short video platform that is inclusive, interactive, positive, fun, entertaining, and creator-first. With its engaging user interface, 1000+ templates, and AI-based cutting-edge features such as Rimix, Filmi, and Titan, Rizzle has made significant strides in the vertical short video and web-series market.


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