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U&i Launches 5 New Accessories for Apple and Android Smartphones

New Delhi, April 15, 2022: When you are a frequent traveler, you never know when you may need a data cable to either charge your smartphone or transfer the data. Having a spare cable in your bag is always advised if you are always on the move. But there are high chances that someday you might miss out on the cable in a hurry and be left stranded while there’s an emergency. Why not have a port adapter that’s always handy on your smartphone or keychain itself? Leading Gadget Accessory and Consumer Electronics brand U&i has announced 5 new accessories for every smartphone out there.

U&i Final Series: Flexible Data Cable (INR 499) — Most of the latest Androids and Apple devices nowadays sport high-speed and fast charging ports. You would not want to compromise on quality when it comes to safe and fast charging and quick data transfers. The U&i UiDC 7029 is built using premium silicone and the best quality copper core for sturdy connections, faster charging, and superior data transmission. Each connector has a cord protector that reduces strain on the cable to keep them from fraying.  

U&i Higher Series: Super Fast Data Cable (INR 699) — The U&i UiDC 6642 is a superfast data transmission cable that also supports higher power rated chargers for quick charging. The cables are made from high-quality copper cores that allow for superior data and power transmission and zero risk of overheating.

Both the data cables are available in three variants Micro USB, Type-C and Lightning compatible with all the devices fulfilling all your daily charging needs.

Metal Body Adapters for Micro USB, Type-C, and Lightning ports:

UiCN 7092 is a Micro USB to Type-C Metal Body Adapter (INR 399) is the most popular one since it’s easy to find a Micro USB charger than a Type-C in almost any household today. If traveling abroad, you could opt for the U&i UiCN 7083 Lightning to Type-C Metal Body Adapter (INR 399) which allows you to charge your Type-C Android smartphone or accessories with any Apple smartphone’s charger.

And if you are an Apple user, then the UiCN 7074 Type-C to Lightning Metal Body Adapter (INR 399) can allow you to borrow any Type-C charger from a friend or fellow traveler. Each of these adapters has a sleek and compact design and is highly portable. The adapters also feature a small lanyard so you can attach it to your smartphone itself or carry it along on your keychain. It will come in handy when you need it most. The adapters are available in different colors — Silver, Blue, Black, Red, and Gray to match your smartphone. 

The U&i accessories — cables and adapters — are a must-have accessory for all smartphone users, especially travelers. These accessories are available at a starting range of INR 399 from all the U&i outlets and other leading retail stores across India. 

About U&i:

Established in the year 2019, U&i is India’s most progressive Gadget Accessory and Consumer Electronics brand. In a predominantly crowded sector, the brand offers value for money. The users choose from an array of products that is well equipped with the latest and unique flagship gadgets. With the best in quality and innovative products, the brand is committed to focus on using creative designs, high-quality reliable components with sleek exteriors. The primary focus of the brand is its customer and is dedicated to offering the best quality products with constant improvements and inventions.

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