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World Class Spa and Salon Service Introduced at The Sheraton Grand Palace

National, December 2022: To provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to guests, Central India’s largest hotel Sheraton Grand Palace Indore is now offering a premium spa and salon service to its patrons which is close to nature and amidst serene green surroundings. Nilaya Spa and salon was inaugurated recently at Sheraton Grand Palace Indore. Not just the guests, but anyone can experience the peace and calm surroundings of the spa. 

Nilaya Spa offers traditional Indian style massages as well as follows foreign techniques. The spa has also concocted a mixture of unique oil blends for addressing certain specific requirements, for example, Moksha for pain relief, Divyam for rejuvenation, Oorja for energization, Ananda for relaxation. Apart from this, authentic and original massage styles of Thai, African, Swedish and Indonesian origins will also be offered to customers. The exquisite fragrances, soothing music, soft lighting and tastefully done spa suites have been specially made to give the customers the most relaxing experiences. Apart from this, to give long term treatment and therapies to clients, the spa also has yearly membership plans with special massage combination packages and complimentary service.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the spa and salon, Mr. Rohit Bajpai, General Manager of Sheraton Grand Palace Indore, said, “Often during a wedding, family members and guests barely get any time for rest amidst hectic schedules. We have started this service for such guests who can enjoy some moments of relaxation and rest between the whirlwind of events. Similarly, we have many guests who are from Indore and come to our Hotel for staycation in search of calm and peace. For such clients, we have introduced this service so that they can enjoy world class service inside the city itself.”

For the spa and salon service, 4 spa suites have been built, each with steam and private bathroom facility. The speciality of Nilaya spa is that the massage and spa service is provided keeping in mind the needs of the client, their lifestyle and their medical history. For this, a dedicated team has been formed. Facial and makeup service is also being provided to clients along with the spa and massage service.


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